Christian Community Center in San Antonio, Texas

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Ministering to Those in Need

Sold Out Believers C.F. welcomes you and your family to our Christian community center for spiritual healing and a chance at a new beginning. Are you tired of the same old routine in life? Experience a life-changing moment with one of our genuine family ministries.

Success Stories

People come to us to have their lives impacted and transformed. We have many success stories of healing and of lives being restored. We'd like for you to become one of them! 

Our Center

Our organization believes in partnering with other communities, churches, and council members to aid in our mission of "the three Cs" — "community," "concert," and "contribute." The Lord converts, and then we encourage others to contribute to their communities.
Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, for a chance to discuss your specific issues.
Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

About Us

Sold Out Believers C.F is a Christian community center in San Antonio, Texas. We believe in reaching out to a hurting world through the blood of Jesus Christ. Everyone, including young kids, teenagers, and adults, is welcome to take advantage of our 19 years of combined experience for a better life.

Serving All of South Texas, including San Antonio, Seguin, Austin, & Houston
Proud Volunteer for the Daily Bread Ministry